Visit Fort Myers Florida for rich Spanish Heritage

Fort Myers, Florida is an ideal place for discovering Spanish roots. Home to an expansive Hispanic population for decades and longstanding ties with Spanish-speaking societies like Cuba and Spain – including being invited by local indigenous groups who had traded with them since 1620 – Spanish settlers first arrived here during the late 17th Century at an invitation from them, only becoming colonized under Spain in 1821 when it officially became part of Mexico.

Fort Myers still bears many signs of its Spanish heritage today, such as roads named ‘Del Prado’ which means ‘of the meadow’ and Florida’s Historical Trail sites such as Calusa Heritage Trail which features several Spanish-era ruins and artifacts.

Fort Myers is an excellent way to explore its Spanish roots by attending festivals, events, and cultural attractions. Local organizations host celebrations all year long celebrating Hispanic heritage with live music performances, traditional dance performances, food vendors selling Latin American dishes and much more! You could even take a historic tour through downtown Fort Myers to gain more insight into its rich past!

No matter how you approach exploring Fort Myers’ Spanish influences, one thing is clear: Fort Myers has a deep and vibrant connection to Hispanic culture which should be celebrated and appreciated. From architecture to culture, Fort Myers provides an ideal setting for discovering America’s Hispanic roots. So if you want a unique way of immersing yourself in Spanish culture, consider planning a trip to Fort Myers – and start your adventure today!…

10 Places You Must Visit In Spain

Spain is a country of breathtaking beauty, diverse culture and incredibly delicious cuisine. The land of majestic mountain ranges, vibrant cities and stunning coastal towns has something to offer everyone. Whether you are looking for the perfect beach holiday, an exciting cultural experience or just some rest and relaxation, here are 13 places you must visit in Spain.

1. Barcelona: Barcelona is one of the most iconic cities in the world and should be at the top of any Spain travel itinerary. Stroll around its beautiful streets, marvel at the architecture of Gaudi’s masterpieces, take a picture with one of the amazing street performers, or explore the city’s remarkable museums.

2. Seville: This magical Andalusian city has been captivating visitors for centuries with its Arabian-influenced architecture, amazing tapas bars and grand plazas like Plaza de España which will make you feel like you have stepped into a different era.

3. Granada: Located on the slopes of Sierra Nevada Mountains, Granada is full of enchanting sights such as its palatial Alhambra palace complex, stunning Arabic baths and mesmerizing views from San Nicolás viewpoint that will leave you speechless.

4. Madrid: Madrid has it all – world-class art galleries like Prado Museum and Reina Sofía Museum, lively nightlife scenes at Malasaña district and Chueca neighborhood as well as glittering parks such as Retiro Park that would make anyone fall in love with this dynamic capital city.

5. Valencia: Valencia’s combination of old-world charm mixed with innovation makes it stand out among other Spanish destinations. From its futuristic City Of Arts & Sciences to its historic Silk Exchange located in La Lonja quarter – there is no shortage things to do here!

6. Mallorca: Whether you want to relax on one of beautiful beaches or wander around cobblestone streets exploring charming villages – Mallorca will not disappoint! It offers something for everyone no matter what your preference may be when it comes to holidays!

7. Ibiza: Ibiza has become one of the most popular holiday destinations due to its extensive nightlife offering but there are also plenty cultural gems worth visiting such as Sa Caleta Phoenician settlement or Dalt Vila medieval fortifications where stunning views await those ready to explore off-the-beaten paths!

8. Cádiz: Cádiz is located in southwest coast near Gibraltar providing visitors with exquisite views over Atlantic Ocean! Don’t miss taking a stroll through UNESCO World Heritage site Old Town where impressive monuments including majestic cathedral await your visit!

9. Bilbao: This vibrant northern Spanish city located in Basque Country welcomes visitors with world class cuisine based on local ingredients such as anchovies from Cantabrian Sea and delicious fresh seafood dishes accompanied by extensive wine selection! Don’t miss Guggenheim Museum designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry either!

10 .San Sebastian: A paradise for foodies – San Sebastian is home to three Michelin stars awarded restaurants as well as pintxos (tapas) spots attracting food lovers from all over globe! With beautiful Playa de la Concha beach situated right next door there isn’t much more one could wish for during their holiday here!